A lot of people ask me about my writing process. This makes sense because I'm a writer and I should be able to easily and succinctly explain what I do.


But I can't.


Every book. Every chapter. Every poem. Even every blog post is a experience of newness, or process restructuring and hopefully of authenticity.


There is no one way to write your story.


There is no one way to be.


The only constants in my process are these:


1. I write. I write a lot. I treat it like a job that I go to every day.


2. I write. I write a lot. I treat it like a craft that I have to practice and continue to practice in order to make the best stories I can make.


3. I write. I write a lot. This means that I am fully committed to the improv maxim, "Just say 'yes!'" I welcome every idea, no matter how dorky. I ignore doubt and shame and just write and write and write, grabbing every story idea that I can from any place I can get one. Who would have thought a story about human-sized pixies would become an international bestseller? I didn't. I REALLY didn't. But I wrote it anyway.